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Misc crypto & patent notes

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Date:          Mon, 15 Feb 1999 14:18:30 -0800 (PST)
From:          Greg Broiles <>
To:  ,
Subject:       Misc crypto & patent notes

While working on another project, I noticed that Tandem (through four
employees) recently received a patent on a variant of public key
crypto which involves the use of three primes and the Chinese
Remainder Theorem - the patent itself is available at

Also, Silvo Micali recently received a patent for "traceable anonymous
transaction" which appears to involve identity escrow by a third party
(I haven't had time to dig into this further) - the patent is at

I found those while looking through the patents which have issued
which reference the original RSA public key patent (4,405,829) - it's
pretty easy to construct a query to find all of those patents
(currently 140) which might make interesting reading - see

Also, someone on sci.crypt noted that a German Enigma machine (minus
the codewheels) was recently sold via eBay; it sold for $7300. See
including a picture and detailed description. The same seller (from
northern NJ) also sold a Swiss copy of Enigma for $2500. The same
buyer - who did not have any previous transactions listed - was the
winning bidder for both machines. I don't get the impression the
seller had any idea that hardware crypto is export controlled, as
(s)he discussed making arrangements for foreign shipment.

Greg Broiles