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EVA 99 - New York 19.-21.05..1999

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999.

Record Control Number: 12955

Date: 1999-05-17

Category: Event

General Information:

A conference entitled "EVA 99 - Beyond the Digital Archive: the Practical Use of Images", will be held in New York, USA, between 19 and 21 May 1999.

Topics to be covered at the conference will include:

- Investigating new multimedia technology and applications; - Creating a multi-purpose digital archive for educational multimedia projects; - Using digital technology for cultural publishing; - Developing collaborative institutional partnerships.

The event is organised by Vasari UK in cooperation with the Museum of Art, and is supported by the European Commission's EVA cluster project funded by the ESPRIT programme, which aims to create a special-interest community providing assistance to EU co-funded IT projects in the field.

Data Source Provider: Vasari UK

Document Reference: Based on an event announcement from Vasari UK.

Programme Acronym: FRAMEWORK 4C; ESPRIT 4

Subject Index Codes: Telecommunications; Innovation, Technology Transfer; Information, Media

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