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Canada's Intelligence view on encryption

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Date:          Wed, 17 Feb 1999 00:27:52 -0400 (AST)
From:          M Taylor <>
Subject:       Canada's Intelligence view on encryption

The Report of the Special Senate Committee on Security and
> ou en franšais
> was released in January 1999, and it even
mentions encryption.

In Ch III about Emerging issues, encryption is indentified as

"Law enforcement and security intelligence agencies also seek
legislative amendments, in particular changes to the Criminal Code, to
compel the holder of a cryptographic key or password to give it up in
response to a judicial warrant. The Canadian Association of Chiefs of
Police has also asked for Criminal Code amendments to criminalize the
use of cryptography in the commission of a crime."

When mentioning 'mandatory key access' and why the it isn't part of
Industry Canada's crypto policy they fail to cite the increase risk of
central storage, which has been outlined in at least two major
non-restricted papers written in the US.

"The Committee also endorses recommendations to amend the Criminal
Code to provide lawful access to encryption keys by law enforcement
and security intelligence organizations and to criminalize encryption
when used in the commission of a crime. The Committee also urges the
law enforcement and security intelligence communities to consult with
developers and suppliers of cryptography technology and with carriers
and service providers so that each side may better understand the
requirements and objectives of the other and, hopefully, arrive at
mutually-agreed solutions."

The report should get bonus points for mentioning chaffing and

For a summary of the report see the press release. January 14 1999

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