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FC: UN retreats from email tax; MS win no effect on

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Date:          Fri, 16 Jul 1999 17:00:20 -0400
From:          Declan McCullagh <>
Subject:       FC: UN retreats from email tax; MS win no effect on US case

                     UN Retreats from Email Tax
                     by Declan McCullagh 

                     12:00 p.m.  16.Jul.99.PDT
                     WASHINGTON -- A United Nations agency
                     is backing away from a report in which it
                     recommended Internet email taxes to help
                     developing nations. 

                     In response to public outcry and
                     congressional opposition, the United
                     Nations Development Program said that it
                     has "no plans" to levy taxes on anyone. 


                     MS Victory Portends Nothing
                     by Declan McCullagh 

                     1:15 p.m.  16.Jul.99.PDT
                     WASHINGTON -- Microsoft's victory in the
                     private antitrust case brought by Bristol
                     Technology will have no direct affect on
                     the Justice Department's lawsuit, experts

                     "The influence on the federal case is
                     entirely indirect," says William Kovacic, an
                     antitrust law professor at George Washington


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