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WIPO Conference on Electronic Commerce

Press Briefing: July 13, 1999

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is convening a major international conference from 14 to 16 September 1999 to discuss intellectual property issues relating to the booming electronic commerce industry. The WIPO Conference on Electronic Commerce and Intellectual Property will bring together key players from this multi-billion dollar industry as well as intellectual property experts.

Chief executive officers of major companies in the industry will be present at the Conference as well as high-level policy-makers and government representatives. The work program is divided into plenary sessions and workshops that will explore the cutting edge issues relating to e-commerce. The plenary sessions will deal with general themes relating to e-commerce, such as trends in technology development, the business potential of e-commerce, developing countries and e-commerce, the legal aspects of e-commerce, and other policy issues. The workshops will focus on specific issues like:

On-line delivery of publications, music, films and software Domain names and trademarks on the Internet Music on-line Electronic right management Cybersurveillance On-line dispute settlement Liability and on-line service providers Films on-line Security and authentication (encryption & digital signatures) Digital libraries, patent and trademark databases Museums on-line Protection of databases

The program will also cover, in particular, intellectual property issues, such as:

the impact of electronic commerce on copyright and related rights, trademarks, patents, domain names and unfair competition jurisdiction, enforcement and dispute resolution, which have implications beyond the immediate precincts of intellectual property the electronic delivery and exploitation of intellectual property services and supporting technical mechanisms the disparities in infrastructure development and technical access

Journalists seeking to cover the meeting and a waiver of the 750 Swiss Franc registration fee must either register online or download the Word document of the accreditation form and return it via fax or postal mail to the Media Relations and Public Affairs Section at WIPO before August 25, 1999. Please note that you will also need to submit a copy of your press card and a letter from your Editor.

Postal Address: Media Relations and Public Affairs Section World Intellectual Property Organization 34 Chemin des Colombettes 1211 Geneva 20 Switzerland

Fax: (+41 22) 33 88 810