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Paedophile networks are a global problem, says Unesc

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Date:          Mon, 18 Jan 1999 12:21:18 GMT0BST
From:          "Yaman Akdeniz" <>
Subject:       Paedophile networks are a global problem, says Unesco 

The following is a news item from the BBC web site and the Unesco
conference web site is at:

Monday, January 18, 1999 Published at 02:12 GMT 

New war on Internet porn 

Paedophile networks are a global problem, says Unesco 

Experts from 40 countries are gathering in Paris to co-ordinate an
international offensive against child pornography on the Internet. 

The two-day conference has been organised by the United Nations'
cultural agency, Unesco. 

Around 250 international experts and scores of official and
non-governmental organisations will focus on establishing how nations
can co-operate in tracking down those using the Net to exchange
pornographic material. 

Senior Unesco officials say paedophile networks represent a serious
global problem which needs a global response. 

International framework 

The conference, at Unesco's Paris headquarters, will look at the
establishment of an international legal framework to tackle the

Not all countries have legislation banning the trade in indecent
pictures of children and there is often inadequate cooperation between
various law enforcement agencies. 

Our correspondent says Internet access providers are sometimes accused
of dragging their feet in eradicating the trade in pornographic

Experts will also examine a number of other issues, including the need
to alert doctors, police officers and judges and warn parents and
children of the dangers of paedophilia. 

Police crackdown 

The meeting was announced last September, a day after 100 people in 12
countries were arrested in a major international operation against
paedophiles trafficking child pornography on the Net. 

Police officers leading the "Operation Cathedral" investigation
discovered more than 100,000 indecent images of children as young as
two from a US-based paedophile club on the Internet.
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