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EU: Call for expression of interest

III (Notices) COMMISSION Call for expression of interest in a programme of research, technological development and demonstration of Information Society Technologies (IST) 1998‹2002 (1999/C 12/05) The Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme forms one of the themes of the fifth Framework Programme of European research. From early in 1999, the European Commission is intending to launch a series of calls for proposals for research in IST, covering the fields of: -Usystems and services for the citizen, -Unew methods of work and electronic commerce, -Umultimedia content and tools, -Uessential technologies and infrastructures. together with related research and technological development activities of a generic nature: -Ufuture and emerging technologies, -Usupport for research infrastructures "research networking'. Organisations or individuals seeking further information on these opportunities are invited to register their name and address, and to provide introductory details about themselves and their research interests, by completing the proforma available from: Such registration will ensure that you are kept informed of news and developments related to IST, and that your interest in the programme is known to other potential participants. All Expressions of Interest in the IST programme are published on the World Wide Web, and are considered valid for Calls published during 1999. You will be asked to renew your expression of interest in relation to IST Calls planned for future years (from January 2000 onwards). All general information on IST is published on the World Wide Web. Any direct communications with the IST Information Desk should preferably be made via Email. European Commission IST Information Desk e‹mail: Tel. (32‹2) 296O85O96 Fax (32‹2) 296O83O88 16.1.1999 C 12/5 Official Journal of the European Communities EN