Förderverein Informationstechnik und Gesellschaft

Who's interested in "information warfare"?


What does this edited collection of web pages tell us?

Who's interested in "information warfare"? What's the buzz about "critical infrastructure"? Which government agencies are active in this area? What policies are they making? What companies are tracking this subject? Are there new products coming on the market? Are universities interested in this subject? Which departments? Who's funding these projects? How are non profits, state agencies, and other countries approaching this subject? Is "y2k" a factor? How important is this whole subject? What does it mean to me, my family, profession, business, health, future?

The graph above, based on the web around one center (U. Va. "information survivability center") and many key web sites and individual URLs illustrates this subject. Our analysis, using our twURL web analyzer, is presented here in more detail: