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Hearing on Melissa and Privacy

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Date:          Sat, 17 Apr 1999 17:41:56 -0400
From:          "Lynne L. Harrison" <>
Subject:       Hearing on Melissa and Privacy

Hearing on Viruses Becomes Debate on Privacy


WASHINGTON - A congressional hearing called to explore potential
solutions to computer viruses like the fast-spreading Melissa strain
on Thursday turned into a debate about online privacy and the
investigative methods used to track the computer programmer accused of
writing it. 

"While I am a little bit concerned about the pernicious effect of
viruses, I am more than a little bit disquieted about the way this
investigation was pursued," Representative Anthony Weiner, a New York
Democrat, said during the two-hour hearing of the House Science
Committee's technology subcommittee. 

"We are so wrapped up with idea of hunting down cyberterrorists that
the walls are chipped out and our privacy rights are steadily eroded,"
he said. 

Weiner said he was particularly troubled by reports that investigators
tracked the Melissa suspect with help from both America Online and a
unique identifying number attached to Microsoft software.

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