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v1.4 of the PGP DH vs. RSA FAQ

18 August 1999. Thanks to SS.

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I am pleased to announce that v1.4 of the PGP DH vs. RSA FAQ is now published at

It now comes to ~230Kb, so a zipped copy is now available at for those that wish to browse off line.

Changes to v1.4 are as follows:

Minor grammar / spelling related changes Updated references to FIPS186 to the revised FIPS186-1 USENET references now contain link to where available Added section "What is the chance of running out of primes?" Added section "What about Elliptic Curves?" Added section "What is AES?" Added section "What is Twofish?" Added section "What are the implications of Shamir's TWINKLE device on PGP security?" Added detail to "The huge key debate." Added detail to "What is DH / ElGamal?" Added detail to "So there are no intellectual property issues relating to PGP v5+?"

Any feedback / additions / flames are welcome :)


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