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Best Practice in Telematics

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999

Record Control Number : 12757 Date : 1999-04-16

Category : Result

General Information :

An AESOPIAN project has developed server demonstrator for telematics, which can both secure access to a best practices database and provide contributions to it.

Shared learning and experiences from a "best practices" website can be very beneficial. But too often there is a one-way flow of information and little effort is made to build an ongoing relationship with visitors to a site. However, this project database is available at:


The AESOPIAN (Awareness of European Solutions and best Practices for telematics Applications) project contains information on specific areas of core competence required by those undertaking telematics applications projects, such as:

Within each area there are questions, explanations and best practices based upon the experiences of those undertaking Third and Fourth Framework Programme telematics projects.

There are also links to other best practices websites and electronic forms are provided which visitors can use to record their own best practice experiences if they are willing to share them. To encourage participation there is an annual award for the "Winning best practice", although the selection criteria to be employed are not disclosed.

Data Source Provider : European Commission, DG XIII

Document Reference : Based on a result report from NECTAR Information Update.

Programme Acronym : FRAMEWORK 4C; TELEMATICS 2C

Subject Index Codes : Education, Training; Information, Media; Telecommunications

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