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CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999.

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Date: 1999-05-20

Category: Programme implementation

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Would it not be ideal if clicking on a word on a webpage would automatically give the most appropriate meaning in your own language for the sentence concerned? This should soon be possible with tools currently under development, among those the European Union-funded DICOPRO project.

In the current issue of the European Commission's "LE Journal", author David Pringle looked into the future of the multilingual Information Society.

Language technology should help make dictionaries of the future much more flexible and user-friendly than current models. Oxford University Press is one publisher planning to take advantage of this opportunity by developing electronic dictionaries with natural processing features.

These dictionaries will allow greater context-sensitivity since they analyse the work in context, so that the user is given immediate contextual information about the word rather than general information.

One example of an electronic dictionary mentioned in the article is the DICOPRO project. Currently under development at the University of Geneva, this project is funded under the European Commission's Multilingual Information Society programme (MLIS), an initiative launched in November 1996 to promote linguistic diversity in the Information Society.

DICOPRO will develop a tool for browsing monolingual and bilingual dictionaries via a corporate Intranet. It is envisaged that companies will be able to pay an annual subscription to use the service or buy a certain number of credits in advance to allow them to pay as they go.

The project, which began in April 1998 should be completed in October 1999.

Data Source Provider: European Commission, DG XIII

Document Reference: Based on an article in LE Journal and information on the DICOPRO project.

Programme Acronym: MLIS

Subject Index Codes: Information, Media; Telecommunications; Information Processing, Information Systems; Innovation, Technology Transfer

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