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FC: Response to the Maginot Line of Encryption Falls

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Date:          Wed, 20 Jan 1999 08:08:21 -0500
From:          Declan McCullagh <>
Subject:       FC: Response to the Maginot Line of Encryption Falls

Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 00:08:03 -0500
From: Marc Rotenberg <
Subject: Re: FC: The Maginot Line of Encryption Falls

It is worth noting that the change in French crypto policy
came about in large measure because of pressure from EU
officials in Brussels. The French policy stood as a
significant barrier to the promotion of electronic commerce
within the European Union.  Germany,in particular, had made
clear its view that the French policy on encryption was
simply incompatible with the requirements of an integrated
European economy.

Interestingly, the US had tried to leverage the French TTP
law to establish support among other European countries
for key escrow/key recovery. But apart from the long-time
intelligence allies in the UK, there were no takers. In
1996-97, Stewart Baker was one of those who thought it
might still be possible for a US-UK-French collaboration
to force a key recovery solution. But thankfully that
failed, and even the recently revised Wassenaar rules
seem unlikely to have any significant impact on the
development of crypto in Europe.

Marc Rotenberg

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