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FC: FTC childrens privacy regs will hurt the little

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Date:          Tue, 20 Jul 1999 17:49:12 -0400
From:          Declan McCullagh <>
Subject:       FC: FTC childrens privacy regs will hurt the little guy

                     Harsh Regs Hurt the Little Guy
                     by Declan McCullagh 

                     2:45 p.m.  20.Jul.99.PDT
                     WASHINGTON -- New federal legislation
                     will force start-up Web sites devoted to
                     children to charge for access or go out of
                     business, entrepreneurs said Tuesday at
                     a Federal Trade Commission hearing. 

                     "A small Web site cannot survive," said
                     Steven Bryan, CEO of children's portal

                     He said the liberal groups that champion
                     government regulation have seriously
                     underestimated the cost of mailing letters
                     to parents asking for permission to give
                     children accounts on sites -- which is one
                     proposal the FTC is considering. 


                     Feds Tackle Online Privacy
                     by Declan McCullagh 

                     8:17 a.m.  20.Jul.99.PDT
                     WASHINGTON -- Legislators and
                     bureaucrats will spend Tuesday and
                     Wednesday at hearings devoted to the
                     task of protecting privacy in an
                     increasingly interconnected world. 

                     But one key question remains: Even if it is
                     a problem, what should the US
                     government do in a country not known
                     for its love of regulation? 


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