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FC: R.Nader conference in DC next week: "Appraising

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Date:          Thu, 22 Apr 1999 09:14:19 -0400
From:          Declan McCullagh <>
Subject:       FC: R.Nader conference in DC next week: "Appraising Microsoft II"

My articles on the previous Appraising (or was it "asssailing?")
Microsoft conference and themes:,2822,12778,00.html,2822,12942,00.html



Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 09:02:30 -0400
From: Gene Gaines <>
To: Declan McCullagh <>
CC: "Love, James" <>
Subject: Appraising Microsoft II next week?


I will appreciate you forwarding this announcement 
to the list.

==> Reminder -- Workshop on Microsoft Remedies
    in Washington DC next Friday.

If you believe what is happening with Microsoft is 
important, please attend. 

The sponsor, Essential Information, is inviting 
interested individuals to attend for all or part of
the day at no charge.

The formal announcement:

What:   Appraising Microsoft II, a workshop on "Which Remedies?"

When:   Friday, April 30, 1999  --  8:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Where:  Essential Information  
        1530 P Street NW, Washington, DC
        16th and P Streets, near the DuPont Circle Metro stop

On the web:

You are invited to join experts in antitrust law and economics, 
computer scientists, consumer advocates, software business 
executives, Microsoft defenders, and others who will gather on
April 30 to discuss the various mechanisms that are under 
consideration to curb Microsoft's anticompetitive practices.

As the first phase of the government's Microsoft antitrust 
trial reaches its conclusion, the question for many computer 
users is not whether Microsoft has violated antitrust laws, but
rather: what should be done about it, and how resolution of the
antitrust case change the computer industry for the future?

The April 30 workshop is the first public event to focus 
specifically on the issue of remedies for the Microsoft 
antitrust case.

All interested parties are welcome.  Luncheon will be provided
for those who register in advance, either by calling our office
or through the web site.  If you are not able to come for the 
day, you are welcome to drop by for segments which interest you.
The format will be seminar, with time for questions and comments
from attendees.  There will be opportunity to meet with the 

Featured speakers, moderators and panel members wil be:

     Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate 

     Jean-Louis Gassée, CEO of Be, Inc. 

     Bryan Sparks, CEO of Caldera, Inc. 

     Bob Young (invited), CEO of Red Hat Software. 

     Ted Johnson, Co-Founder and Executive VP, Visio. 

     Gary Reback, Wilson, Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati 

     Roberto Di Cosmo, Maitre de conferences in computer science
     at Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, author of with 
     Dominique Nora, Le Hold-Up planétaire 

     David Bollier, Author of The Power of Openness, a proposal
     for the H2O Project on Open Code software., prepared for
     the Berkman Harvard Law School. 

     F.M. Scherer, Professor of Public Policy and Corporate 
     Management in the Aetna Chair Kennedy School of Government,
     Harvard University. 

     Joseph J. Simons, Partner in the Rogers & Wells' Antitrust

     Steven Salop, Professor of Economics and Law, Georgetown 
     University Law Center. 

     Jonathan Zuck, President, Association for Competitive 

     Marc Cooper, Research Director, Consumer Federation of 

     James Love, Director, Consumer Project on Technology 

     Glenn Manishin, Partner, Blumenfeld and Cohen - Technology
     Law Group, principal author of the SIIA remedies document 

     Ed Black, President, Computer and Communications Industry

     Henry First, currently Professor of Law, New York 
     University, recently appointed as Chief of the Antitrust
     Bureau for the New York Department of Law. 

     Mitch Stone, editor/publisher Boycott Microsoft, 
     technology columnist for Scripps Howard


It would be helpful but not mandatory to register before the 
event. The registration form is on the conference web site: 
This event is being organized by Essential Information, 
without any outside funding, so it is necessary to ask for 
registration fees to cover expenses.  The fees are:

  Business Registration  $250
  Nonprofit/government   $ 45

Scholarships available for persons without sponsors or with
limited ability to pay.  No one who wants to come should be 
deterred by the fee.  To make such arrangements, please 

  Donna Colvin <>

Gene Gaines

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