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Tanum, Sweden, on 15 and 16 June 1999

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Date: 1999-05-21

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To raise awareness among regions, towns and cities of the benefits of telematics technologies applied to regional development, a conference will be held in Tanum, Sweden, on 15 and 16 June 1999. With only a month to go before the event takes place, the organisers are expecting over 300 participants from all over Europe.

The conference, which will be based on the results of a European joint pilot project, will focus on two major keynotes - telematics for regional development and the economics of telematics services.

Representatives from the European Commission's User-friendly Information Society programme will review the research activities undertaken during the past four years and will present new actions foreseen in the coming years. Additionally, representatives from Telecom Italia and Telia and Ericsson will present their industrial perspectives.

Around 50 experts will present their visions and the results of validation and demonstration projects (most of them carried out under the Commission's Telematics Applications programme, 1994-98) in the following areas:

- Support to rural development; - Case studies on economic benefits of new telematics services; - Distance education and training; - Regional telematics services to support small and medium-sized enterprises; - Social inclusion: How telematics can support the social cohesion of various types of communities at the regional level; - Quality of life for dependent people; - Reorganisation of work in European regions and cities.

In parallel to the event, a wide range of existing telematics applications will be demonstrated within the cyber-caf.

The event is being organised by the TeleRegions Network and the European Digital Cities (EDC) project, a support action of the European Commission's Telematics Applications programme.

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