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UK: IOCA Consultation

PRESS RELEASE - 18th August 1999

IOCA Consultation

All interceptions of the public telephone system in this country take place under a strict regime of rules laid down by Parliament. These rules mainly provided for in the 1985 Interception of Communications Act (IOCA) 1985.

Since its incept nearly 15 years ago, the communications industry has seen some what of a revolution and the growth of the Internet means the industry now exists in a vastly different form. The Home Office believes that the existing capabilities of the IOCA to lawfully intercept communications and search seized computers will be eroded by these developments and that it will no longer be able to act as an effective monitor.

This was the view the Home Office put forward in a consultation paper released in June of this year. Within the report, the Home Office have put forward proposals as to how the IOCA can be amended to best suit these changes.

Commenting on the report, the Home Secretary Jack Straw has stated that his proposals will "maintain interception as the most powerful weapon in the armoury against crime".

His proposals include the creation of a single legal frame work to regulate the inception of all networks both public and private. Demon Internet was asked to comment on the proposals. Its response is below.