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Euro-Parl Suveillance Reports

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Date:          Fri, 20 Aug 1999 13:54:01 -0400
From:          John Young <>
Subject:       Euro-Parl Suveillance Reports

We offer the European Parliament-sponsored reports which
have been prepared as follow-up to the 1998 "Appraisal of
the Technologies of Political Control."

The four-part series is titled "Development of Surveillance 
Technology and Risk of Abuse of Economic Information 
(an appraisal of technologies of political control)," April and 
May 1999.

Part 1: "The perception of economic risks arising from the 
potential vulnerability of electronic commercial media to 
interception - Survey of opinions of experts. Interim Study," 
by Nikos Bogonikolos: (158K, English)

Part 2: "The legality of the interception of electronic 
communications: A concise survey of the principal legal issues 
and instruments under international, European and national law," by
Prof. Chris Elliott: (42K, English)

Part 3: "Encryption and cryptosystems in electronic surveillance: a
survey of the technology assessment issues," by Dr. Franck Leprévost: (81K, FR; EN trans invited)

To round out the four parts, we point to the previously published Part
4: "The state of the art in Communications Intelligence (COMINT) of
automated processing for intelligence purposes of intercepted
broadband multi-language leased or common carrier systems, and its
applicability to COMINT targeting and selection, including speech
recognition," by Duncan Campbell: