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Big Brother is listening in Australia

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From: (Peter Gutmann)
To:  ,
Subject:       Big Brother is listening in Australia
Date:          Tue, 25 May 1999 10:09:12 (NZST)

The transcript of the Australian Channel 9's "Sunday" program "Big
Brother is listening" has been made available on their web site,
acknowledging Australian participation in Echelon and the UKUSA
alliance.  A general outline is available at

  In this Sunday investigation, Australia's spy-chiefs acknowledge for
  the first time this country's role in an international spying
  alliance that is monitoring the overseas phone, fax and email
  messages of every Australian - indeed, everyone on the planet.


  In an unprecedented statement to the Sunday program, the director of
  Australia's Defence Signals Directorate (DSD), Martin Brady, reveals
  what spying the DSD allows on Australian citizens and companies. DSD
  also officially acknowledges for the first time that it is a
  signatory of the hitherto secret UK-USA alliance, that endorses
  cooperation with counterpart intelligence organisations in the
  United Kingdom, the US, Canada and New Zealand.

A full transcript is at