Förderverein Informationstechnik und Gesellschaft

NSA und ECHELON in Finanz- und Motivationskrise?


National Security Agency

The Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) has stated to the committee that recapitalization of SIGINT capabilities is one of the top priorities for the Intelligence Community. The recently retired, former Director of NSA suggested that a significant amount of investment will be required in order to revitalize the overall SIGINT system. The committee believes that the DCI and the former Director of NSA are correct in terms of priority and funding requirements. The committee notes, however, that money and priority alone will not revive NSA, nor the overall SIGINT system. In the last two Congresses, the committee has been direct in its identification of process and management problems that require attention. The committee believes that NSA management has not yet stepped up to the line. There have been some efforts at reform, but there are still several areas where change is not only needed but is critical for NSA's future. The committee believes that NSA is in serious trouble. The committee has devoted considerable attention to this issue in the classified annex to this report. The committee believes that NSA has very talented people dedicated to an exciting mission, whose creativity can be unleashed and properly directed, in concert with private industry, to build a bright future. The committee looks forward to the opportunities for change that present themselves with the introduction of a new Director of NSA. The committee salutes the efforts by the former Director, who we credit for starting some of the changes that we have seen. But, there is much more to do. The committee hopes that the new Director will find the specific points and observations in the classified annex to this report of value as he seeks to effect needed changes.