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Hollywood bekaempft selbst legales Kopieren

DIGITAL television broadcasters are stopping their viewers from recording pay-per-view films by using a secret chip hidden inside set-top decoders.

The chip, made by Macrovision, a Californian company, can be switched on or off by the broadcaster, and prevents viewers from recording films or other programmes they have paid for, and watching them later.

Broadcasting law allows viewers to record programmes for their own use, but not for commercial use. However, a spokesman for BSkyB said they are compelled by Hollywood studios to use the system on its digital pay-per-view film channels.

"We cannot negotiate on this. We are bound by Hollywood, which is concerned about movies we broadcast shortly before they go on rental in video shops," the spokesman said. "It is a bit of a nightmare if you are falling asleep in front of the television and want to tape the end of the film."