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RE: New GILC statement on crypto [Re: [FYI] UK-NCIS abou

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Date:          Fri, 29 Jan 1999 11:30:50 -0600
From:          "Richard Hornbeck" <>
Subject:       RE: New GILC statement on crypto [Re: [FYI] UK-NCIS about "crypto criminals"]
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I agree that a statement by GILC Members on the subject of UK key
escrow/TTP would be productive.

The U.S. decided to abandon the idea for several reasons. One of the
strongest reasons is the practical reality that the technology (key
escrow/TTP) has never been implemented in a project of this magnitude
and complexity. After much research, report writing, and expert
testimony, Congress concluded that, even if is 'possible,' that it
would take too long and cost too much, and that once it was completed,
there is no guarantee it would satisfy the requirements.

Even the committee of experts from academia, industry, and law
enforcement, that was assigned the task of 'making it happen,'
concluded in their final report that it was not feasible 'at this
time.' The committee was disbanded. Their report is available on-line,
and should be quoted in the Member statement.

Similar congressional testimony by Dorothy Denning and other
well-known experts is also available on-line and should be quoted.

If anyone (EPIC, EFF, etc.) has links to this material on their sites,
maybe they could post them.

Richard Hornbeck
Electronic Frontiers Texas

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> Subject: Re: New Gilc statement on crypto [Re: [FYI] UK-NCIS about
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> At 12:18 PM 29/01/99 +0100, Meryem Marzouki wrote:
> >>National Criminal Intelligence Service
> >
> >>                     NCIS calls upon Government to ensure law
> >>                     enforcement
> >>                          powers do not fall behind technology in
> >>                          fight
> >>                                   against "crypto criminals"
> >
> >This is the perfect occasion to react, in the form of a Gilc
> statement, to
> >the recent French announcements on crypto, pointing out that the
> context is
> >changing, and, as a consequence, that the UK is currently
> strongly pushing
> >towards the adoption of a TTP system.
> Ok, I have not done one of these for a while.  I'll put up my
> hand.  My idea
> for a member statement would be based on the following:
>  - Acknowledge the French change of policy
>  - Call upon the UK to change their policy
>  - Pointing out that contrary to their stated intention, their
> policy will
>    *not* promote electronic commerce, and that secure TTP key
> databases can
> not
>    be built and operated.
> Perhaps we should also make a submission along the same lines to
> the UK-HoC
> Electronic Commerce Inquiry (see Axel Horns recent message to
> this list on
> the subject).
> >Here is the translation of Iris Press release (Any correction welcome).
> >Note that we have mentionned Gilc, without discussing that on the list,
> >since the way Gilc is mentionned is by no mean in contradiction with
> >numerous Gilc statements on crypto. I hope nobody will be
> unhappy with that.
> While I'm not unhappy with the content of your press release, I am unhappy
> with the way you have refered to GILC.  GILC has not taken any position on
> these issues, GILC Members have.  GILC has not made statements on crypto,
> GILC Members have.  In future I think it would be better to refere to GILC
> Members in a situation like this.  Some suggestions below.
> >- does not encourage, even without any mandatory character, the Thrusted
> >Third Party system. IRIS, together with the Global Internet Liberty
> .. IRIS, together with other members of the Global Intenet Liberty ...
> >Campaign (GILC), draws the attention of the French government to the
> >importance of the decisions made at the French level, and to their impact
> >at the international level. IRIS and GILC therefore recommend
> the complete
> ... IRIS and other GILC members therefore ....
> >withdrawal of the Key Escrow system, in order to dissuade other
> governments
> >to set up such a system, as the United Kingdom already attempted.
> Michael.
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