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Changes to European Commission e-mail addresses

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/ European Communities, 1999.

Record Control Number: 13829

Date: 1999-10-27

Category: Miscellaneous

General Information:

Anyone trying to contact the European Commission by e-mail may find it useful to know that, in line with the reorganisation of the Commission's departments following the installation of Romano Prodi's Commission, the European Commission is changing its e-mail addressing system.

Since the old numbering system for Directorates-General has been abolished, from 3 November 1999, anyone within any department can be contacted by substituting their names in the following formula:


It should be noted that whilst in general all current e-mail addresses may be changed just by substituting the domain '', in cases where officials of the same name have been working in different departments, there will be some changes needed.

As well as changes to personal e-mail addresses, the addresses for the programme helpdesks within the Fifth RTD Framework Programme have also been changed, and are as follows (new address, followed by former address):

- Enterprise Directorate-General:

. Innovation Helpdesk: (

- Research Directorate-General:

. general enquiries: (

. Quality of Life programme: (

. Growth programme: (

. Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development: (

. International Cooperation: (

. SMEs (Innovation/SMEs): (

. Improving Human Potential: (

- Information Society Directorate-General:

. IST Helpdesk: (

Whilst all these new addresses will be operational as of 3 November, the old addresses will continue to function until the middle of next year.

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Document Reference: Based on information from the Commission.

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