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Date:          Wed, 31 Mar 1999 10:39:18 -0500
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DATE:  March 26, 1999
Contact:  Michael Lamb
(619) 220-8277 launches Kosovo Privacy Project to Protect Online
Communication in Yugoslavia and Kosovo.

March 26, 1999- Anonymizer, the leading and trusted provider of online
privacy services, today announced the launch of the Kosovo Privacy
Project. While the Internet provides a means of bypassing attempts of
censorship by Serbian authorities, it does put those at risk inside
the region reporting such information. Anonymizer has deployed its
anonymous and secure email and Web surfing services to ensure the
protection of these informants from reprisal from Serbian officials
through the Kosovo Privacy Project.

"If someone is being monitored, the authorities will be able to tell
they are connected to the Anonymizer server, but will not be able to
determine what they are communicating or to whom," said Lance
Cottrell, CEO of Anonymizer and an expert in the field of online
security and encryption.

Alex Fowler, the public affairs director for the Electronic Frontier
Foundation, conceived the project.

"I am seeing messages traveling and being posted on Web pages that are
just as easy for me to read as they are for Milosevic and his
government agents to see," said Fowler.

"Encrypted and anonymous communication is very important for human
rights activists, and for anyone who needs to denounce violations of
human rights committed by repressive regimes." said Patrick Ball,
Deputy Director of the AAAS Science and Human Rights program. "The
actions taken today by the Yugoslav government and Serbian
paramilitary units show why people who are reporting human rights
violations need to be protected from exposure: if they aren't
protected by these technologies, they will be killed".

The anonymous email and Web surfing services are entirely Web-based
and require no software downloads, specific operating systems, or
versions. Anyone with access to an Internet connection and browser can
immediately and securely use the Anonymizer services.

Visit the Kosovo Privacy Project site here:

About Anonymizer is a pioneer in Internet privacy technologies, and the
most popular and trusted name in delivering online privacy services., today, has many thousand subscribers to its paid
services and makes anonymous over 9 million Web pages a month.

Anonymizer originally launched in 1996 to provide comprehensive online
services for protection of identity on the Internet.  Available
services include Anonymizer Surfing; Anonymizer Email; Anonymizer
Dialup; and Anonymizer Publishing.  Anonymizer Surfing effectively
works as a middleman between web surfers and web hosts.  In addition,
Anonymizer Surfing prevents "cookies" from being placed on users' hard
drives, java and javascript. Thus, blocking all personal information
from the websites users visit.

Lance Cottrell, founder and CEO of, authored the
world's most secure anonymous remailer, Mixmaster and has been active
for many years in promoting free speech.

Lance Cottrell is available for interviews regarding this timely
topic. Interested media should contact Michael Lamb at (619) 220-8277.

About the Electronic Frontier Foundation
The Electronic Frontier Foundation is one of the leading civil
liberties organizations devoted to ensuring that the Internet remains
the world's first truly global vehicle for free speech, and that the
privacy and security of all on-line communication is preserved. 
Founded in 1990 as a nonprofit, public interest organization, EFF is
based in San Francisco, California. EFF maintains an extensive archive
of information on encryption policy, privacy, and free speech at

Alex Fowler
EFF Director of Public Affairs
415 436 9333, x103;

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