Note Terms in "quotations" are defined terms. Refer to 'Definitions of Terms used in these Lists' annexed to this List.





The export of "technology" which is "required" for the "development", "production" or "use" of items controlled in the Dual-Use List is controlled according to the provisions in each Category. This "technology" remains under control even when applicable to any uncontrolled item.

Controls do not apply to that "technology" which is the minimum necessary for the installation, operation, maintenance (checking) and repair of those items which are not controlled or whose export has been authorised.

N.B. This does not release such "technology" controlled in entries 1.E.2.e. & 1.E.2.f. and 8.E.2.a. & 8.E.2.b.

Controls do not apply to "technology" "in the public domain", to "basic scientific research" or to the minimum necessary information for patent applications.




The Lists do not control "software" which is either:

1. Generally available to the public by being:

a. Sold from stock at retail selling points without restriction, by means of:

1. Over-the-counter transactions;

2. Mail order transactions; or

3. Telephone call transactions; and

b. Designed for installation by the user without further substantial support by the supplier; or

N.B. Entry 1 of the General Software Note does not release "software" controlled by Category 5 - Part 2.

2. "In the public domain".