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[atlarge-discuss] Re: [ALSC-Forum] icannatlarge.com security issue

Joanna and all stakeholders or interested parties,

Joanna Lane wrote:

> You'll
> > pardon me if
> > I don't accept at this time -- I won't join any group that cares
> > so little
> > for the At-Large that its members won't even put up a structural proposal
> > regarding the At-Large for the ICANN Board to consider.
> I am shocked that anybody but a paid saboteur would want to make such a
> viperous attack on this democratically run grass roots movement that has the
> best of intentions.

  Just remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Actions
speak much louder than words.  So far most of the actions within
ICANNATLARGE.COM have been less than reasonable...

> Question why it has taken so long for the movement to
> come together to form an organization if you must, but there is no question
> in my mind that the Steering Committee is holding the new organization to
> higher standards than the ICANN Board would have it do with respect to the
> public trust, something they have consistently betrayed.

  I hope you are right that the steering committee is doing such.  Of course
that wouldn't take to much effort in comparison to the ICANN BoD...

> Regards,
> Joanna

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