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[atlarge-discuss] RE: [ALSC-Forum] icannatlarge.com security issue

Joanna Lane wrote:

>I am shocked that anybody but a paid saboteur would want to make such a
>viperous attack on this democratically run grass roots movement that has
>best of intentions.

I have no evidence of payment, but Danny has obviously joined the Dark Side.
At this point I have to unfortunately trat anything he posts as suspect.
Sad.  I always considered him a fellow traveler.

> . . . there is no question in my mind that the Steering Committee is
>holding the new organization to higher standards than the ICANN Board
>would have it do with respect to the public trust, something they have
>consistently betrayed.

I share both sentiments.  We need to steer the steady course we started on,
and use ICANN's fall from grace as a negative role model.

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
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