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[atlarge-discuss] Re: [ALSC-Forum] icannatlarge.com security issue

Dear Bruce and Bill:

Greetings from the "Dark Side", and thank you for misrepresenting my comments.

"No At-Large and No GA" was the subject header that described the nature of 
the current proposal advanced by the Committee on Evolution and Reform at 

It is the Board that wants no At-Large and no GA, not I.

I have never advocated "no icannatlarge.com"... instead I have chastised the 
membership for failing to produce a proposal to incorporate the At-Large into 
the ICANN structure, and for being diverted into building yet another 
At-Large structure while there are already plenty of At-Large structures out 
there.  This has shifted the energy away from attacking ICANN's perverse 
plans, and has resulted in an unorganized opposition that is more focused on 
procedural matters (voting, bylaws, etc.) than on substantive plans to 
protect the At-large and to guarantee the seating of At-Large directors.

Call it anarchy if you like, but I prefer it to your organized lethargy.

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