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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Re: [ALSC-Forum] ICANN Announcement - At-Large List Nam...

Danny Younger wrote:

>So let's look at this question a little bit more... If the At-Large gets
>seats, who will get the remaining seats?

OK.  Lets.  First lets stipulate that individual members of *all* the
below-listed groups have the right to join the At Large, but only to
represent themselves personally.  Almost all of these worthy of
representation already have it:

>1.  gTLDs
>2.  ccTLDs

The DNSO.  They speak to domain name issues.

>3.  Business Constituency
>4.  ISPs
>17.  Registrars
>18.  Resellers
>22.  Registrants
>27.  CEO

No one.  Why sould commercial entities deserve special consideration?  In
fact, if they make a profit from the Internet, we (the public) deserve
consideration from *them!*  The Internet should remain the free (as in open
access), public resource it started out as.

>5.  Intellectual Property Constituency

Ditto.  Reserve several domains (I vote for COM, BIZ and NET for starters),
where trademarks hold sway.  All the rest should be first come, first
served, and traemaks don't apply.  It's remarkable how arrogant these people
are to think that, because they make money from the Internet, they deserve
special consideration.  They don't.  Again, the fact that they exploit a
public resource for private profit should allow them *less!*

>6.  Non-Commercial Constituency

Never heard of 'em.  Who do *you* think they are?!

>7.  Root Server Operators
>15.  RIPE NCC
>16.  APNIC
>20.  LACNIC

I agree that they need representation, I'm just not sure where they belong.
Where do *you* think.

>8.  IETF
>9.  ETSI
>11. W3C
>12. ITU-U
>13. ISO

International standards bodies.  They don't *need* anyone to speak for them!
In fact, they have to approve any standards ICANN comes up with, do they

>10.  IAB

A sub-organization of the Internet Society, which is an trade organization
for those who make their living off the Internet.  We've already had a
conversation about them!

>14.  ARIN

DNSO or PSO, depending on the subject of the moment.

>21.  GAC

They are *part* of ICANN.  They need a forum to talk to themselves?

>24.  NGOs
>25.  Consumer Protection Groups

The At Large.  For the most part, there constituents are the same as ours:

>23.  Small Business

The At Large! They'll get better support from us than anyone else!

>26.  Individuals

The At Large! Duh!

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
Support democratic control of the Internet!
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