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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Re: [ALSC-Forum] ICANN Announcement - At-Large List Nam...


In response to the questions, "Should the At-Large have nine seats if this 
means that the root server operators get none?  Should the At-Large populate 
half of the Board if this means that Intellectual Property Interests or 
Internet Service Providers get absolutely no seats on the Board?",  you have 
responded:  Of course not.  And that is straw man and leading question...

So let's look at this question a little bit more... If the At-Large gets nine 
seats, who will get the remaining seats?

1.  gTLDs
2.  ccTLDs
3.  Business Constituency
4.  ISPs
5.  Intellectual Property Constituency
6.  Non-Commercial Constituency
7.  Root Server Operators
8.  IETF
9.  ETSI
10.  IAB
11.  W3C
12. ITU-U
13. ISO
14.  ARIN
16.  APNIC
17.  Registrars
18.  Resellers
21.  GAC
22.  Registrants
23.  Small Business
24.  NGOs
25.  Consumer Protection Groups
26.  Individuals
27.  CEO

How exactly do you propose to slice the pie?  Which groups will have to 
participate within umbrella organizations?  How will you ensure that each 
such umbrella organization has an equal degree of representation (so that one 
isn't "stronger" than another)?  Is such equality of representation 
necessary?  For example, should the ccTLDs have as many directors on the 
Board as root server operators?  Should either, in fact, be directly 
represented on the Board?  

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