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Re: [atlarge-discuss] online voting

At 07:51 a.m. 11/05/2002 -0400, James Love wrote:
>What is the current state of play with online voting?  The DNSO type voting
>seems to have some good features regarding verifying how one's vote was

For the first bootstrap election is was justifyable to accept the DNSO's 

But I think for our second election we need to be independent from the DNSO 
secretariat  either by using a commercial service or use our own facilities 
with the current Panel members as scrutineers.

>  Do we want public or secret voting?

I think a secret vote is a democratic right. Public voting is popular under 
totalitarian systems.
The Polling Booth allows for secret voting with password verification.
It also allows for instant visible results so that each voter can actually 
see his vote added to the tally.
This feature can also be turned off.

>Does it cost money to have
>these fancy voting services, or are they inexpensive or free software tools
>that volenteers can use?

A commercial service like the one that did the last ICANN At Large election 
will charge approx. $500 for a small job.

The advantage of the PB over other systems is that we can use it unlimited 
times and that we maintain web-accessible archives of all past votes under 
our own control.


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