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RE: [atlarge-discuss] New name for Icannatlarge.com

Richard Henderson wrote:

>I personally like neither ICANN nor At Large as part of our name. (This is
one of the few things I disagree with Bruce Young >about!)

You're allowed! :)

My reason *for* the "At Large" moniker is driven by the same source, but in
a different environment (the US vs. the UK):  The  tech press here
recognizes it (to the little extent it does!), and losing it would lose us
what little recognition we have today.  That's very little, I grant you, but
little is better than none!

>I take the view that in order not to be subsumed and marginalised by ICANN
we need the authority of scale, and we need to >broaden our mission and our
membership by popularising our message and going for large scale outreach in
all regions.

Agreed.  This has to be a "world party" or it doesn't work.

>I take the view that to occupy a narrow and obscure corner of the debate,
and to embrace a limited mission with a limited >name, will (a) attract
limited numbers (b) be easier for ICANN to fend off or marginalise.

I don't disagree here.  That's why I called for replacing "ICANN" in our
name with "Internet Users."

>I therefore favour more generic names along these lines (not saying they
are specifically the right ones, but to give some >idea of the direction I
think we should take in the organisation's name):
Democratic Control; Democratic Assembly; Democratic Internet; Internet
Democracy Movement; or The Internet Parliament (which I've registered); or
PeopleWorldWide (which Bill Lovell has registered)

Of these, I like Internet Democracy Movement the best.  In fact I like it
better than Internet Users At Large!  It succintly describes our intent
*and* our methods!

>I take the view that the mandate of the Interim Panel expires after 12
weeks and that if possible we should press forward
>more urgently.

I agree.  We need to hit the ground running!

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
Support democratic control of the Internet!
Go to http://www.icannatlarge.com and Join ICANN At Large!

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