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[atlarge-discuss] Charter and Bylaw construction (was New name for Icannatlarge.com

At 04:46 p.m. 11/05/2002 +0100, Richard Henderson wrote:
>[on time frame for discussion]

>We need to set up forum subsections and threads, and we need to set all 
>these things rolling this weekend in my opinion. Last weekend I defined 
>quite a large number of sub-sections for bylaw construction, each of which 
>I think needs its own thread or section set up at once.


You are free to set up new sub-sections in the Forum.
Will they fit under the existing Sections?
Indicate that you want them "sticky" and they will be made sticky.
Indicate if you want additional Main Sections and the Forum administrator 
(with Panel vote if necessary) will make them Main Sections.

>Another week has passed.
>I take the view that the mandate of the Interim Panel expires after 12 
>weeks and that if possible we should press forward more urgently.

Most urgent is guaranteeing our continuity by putting good election rules 
in place before your term expires.
There is already a loose consensus on the Mission Statement just because 
800 people have chosen to join what they saw.
They signed up to become recognized as members of an ICANN that is on the 
point of doing away with meaningful individual membership.

(this is why I am afraid the Panel cannot decide on its own to change the 
website header "Icann members" without a referendum among the whole 
membership--which should not be difficult to do very quickly).

I agree with you that Mission Statement formulation can/should be done in 
Parallel with other tasks.


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