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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Strategy


If you want to engage me and a Strategy vs. Tactics debate, I have to 
disappoint you. Both are needed.

Please prove that your tactics work, before distracting our focus on 

I *do* see results of the collaborative approach. The power of seven people 
keen to co-operate is a multiple of seven times their individual capacity 
to achieve changes.

The funny thing is, even as an avowed non-member, by posting on this list 
*you are* part of our collective process to stimulate ICANN reform idea's 
and *each of us* can be at the same time part of your individual letter 
writing campaigns about Domain Name and other outrages.

Challenge us. By all means.  But admit the necessity of our approach in 
addition to yours and prove that you are not out to attack our raison d'etre.

You say that there are enough At Large representational structures.
I challenge you to show me  one that was *set up* to be representational.

And even if there are, I say, let there be many!  There are not nearly 
enough, and the fact that 800 ICANN-interested people join us from around 
the globe  proves that there is a need for one.
(I still do not know what the fact that you apply to join Denise's office 
as "volunteer in house anarchist" proves.
Let us see if you get accepted.)

If *we* prove that we can create a smooth working scalable representational 
structure, even for 1000 stakeholder-individuals, that can be used for 
typical ICANN "governance" decisions , we are making an argument better 
than any "proposal" we can put into the black hole, and one that is hard to 
You can be sure that icannatlarge "will be declared dead before it is even 
And why do you think that is?

Do you think I am still naive, after www.democracy.org.nz/democinaction.htm?

Let ICANN's clock tick.
What is done collectively here in icannatlarge has more value that seeing 
my name under yet another reform proposal.
I still do not have much more to say than what I wrote to Sec. Daley in '98.


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