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[atlarge-discuss] mailing lists


1.    The only list I was offering originally to host was the one for the 7
panel members, and that was to get things going, so our discussions would be
public, rather than private email.  The issues of control over a 7 member
list aren't a big deal, but of course, it is important that the archives are
properly maintained.  I'm happy to have someone else (other than me) to run
the lists.

2.  I think we have to take some basic steps to ensure that the listserve is
run for the benefit of the group, which means having some rules regarding
access to the membership information, and confidence that the list
membership and archives will be managed properly.

3.   I don't have any problems with TR hosting the list.  I assume his
frequent criticisms of me and aggressive advocacy on the GA list are a
separate issue, and if he has the confidence of a wider group who know him
better than I do, that's good enough for me.  Most people I know think
highly of TR.

4.   I do think there is an issue of transparency in terms of the mailing
list.  I think the names of the subscribers could be public, but I would
have limited access to the email addresses, to address to the spam issue.
I think the we need to have an agreement with *whoever* hosts the lists to
make sure the archives don't just dissappear one day without notice, and we
need to ensure also that the mailing list (email addresses) is protected
also.  These are policies that should be independent of who actually hosts
the lists.   We should be able to switch the listowner or webmaster for any
reason at any time without losting control of the data, or ending up with
dead links.  It might be a good idea to have discussions with TR about these
issues, as was done with Joop recently about policies for the web page.


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