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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Membership Lists, Thomas Roessler, distance from ICANN

On Sun, 12 May 2002 00:03:06 +0100, you wrote:

>I'd like to re-assert that I think details of membership lists should 
>be limited to the elected panel, and only extended to our webmaster 
>or mailing-list administrator if we feel sure that they maintain a real 
>distance from ICANN, a corrupt organisation which in my view 
>cannot be trusted at all.

However who has access to the web site or the list server also has
access to the list. There's no way you can avoid this.

>My request for advice centres around this: Is he too close in function 
>or sympathies to ICANN for him to act as guardian of our membership 
>lists and mailing lists without compromise?

If we found another third party which is completely unrelated to ICANN
and that would host our mailing lists for free, I would have no
objections to move them there, or even, I think it would be better for
us. However, up to now I couldn't see any third party available - so
for example if we moved those lists to my server, I could be accused
of capture, or if we moved those lists to Jamie's server, we would be
asked whether he can be trusted as independent too.

I wonder whether we should move our mailing lists to yahoogroups
(however I think there would be concerns of potential business
exploitation and privacy lack in this case...). So I really don't know
what to do. Eventually, Thomas has really helped us and lists work
great, and I think this is enough for the moment; if anyone has other
options that can be considered safer, please bring them up. 

And by the way: as I already told to some people, I will personally
support Alexander Svensson's more moderate motion on the GA list, and
I hope this won't get me accused of "betrayal". However I am doing
this as individual: I really do NOT want the GA flame to burn
icannatlarge.com too, and I personally ask all of you to be careful
not to make this happen.

I think it is great to see that people on both sides of this quarrel
are represented in our panel, as a proof of openness; however I know
there are many public and private talks of "dark sides", cheats,
bribing, blackmailing etc. But no one can build anything on mistrust,
so we need to trust each other and work for an agreement, even when we
have very different ideas.
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