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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Membership Lists, Thomas Roessler, distance from ICANN

Vittorio Bertola wrote:

>Eventually, Thomas has really helped us and lists work
>great, and I think this is enough for the moment; if anyone has other
>options that can be considered safer, please bring them up.

Thomas has done us a great service by hosting this list, and I for one see
no reason for concern.  But that said, I agree that we need a safe, off-site
backup.  What space concerns are we talking about?

>I think it is great to see that people on both sides of this quarrel
>are represented in our panel, as a proof of openness; however I know
>there are many public and private talks of "dark sides", cheats,
>bribing, blackmailing etc. But no one can build anything on mistrust,
>so we need to trust each other and work for an agreement, even when we
>have very different ideas.

*Particularly* when we have different ideas!  The idea of consensus is
getting all these disparate ideas out into the open, public ally debate
their merits, and agreeing on a position in each case that the majority
approves of.  If we can in each case openly show the thread between the
person, the idea, the debate and the decision, our officers can credibly
state with legal and moral rectitude that they indeed speak the will of our
membership and not be nay said by others who would rather we not exist!

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
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