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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Members' rights

On Wednesday 22 May 2002 06:10, Jeff Williams wrote:
> Joop and all stakeholders or interested parties,
> >
> > I only wish to start off the discussion on members' rights by suggesting
> > a few broad meta-articles. The rest of the Charter must fill out the
> > details.
>   I didn't see anything in your original post on this thread regarding
> members rights at all.  I still don't.  Could you please point them out
> Joop?  What I do see is some ideas/comments as to what members
> will be restricted in doing or expressing...  That I find to be
> yet another  form of CENSORSHIP.  And that is fundamentally
> WRONG...

Any sort of constitution must clearly indicate a set of inalienable rights.

I suggest starting with a condition of equality to prevent a group of 
'powerful' individuals from exerting their influence upon others and an 
unconditional freedom of speech. Paid or not.

An at large organization, as opposed to a tyranny, must be open to dissent as 
the system is based on the premise of change.

I have no knowledge of an open and democratic society on Internet, therefore I 
conceive that establishing one cannot be through imitation.


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