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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Members' rights

At 22.05.2002 11:42, Joop Teernstra wrote:
>This is not about "unpopular views". They are of course welcome and necessary.
>It is about actions, taken unilaterally and in defyance of the majority.
>Please think carefully about your natural knee-jerk reactions to protect every single individual member from "the tyranny of the majority".
>There is also your collective interest and the equally important consideration of protecting a very vulnerable fledgling on-line organization against deliberate sabotage.
>Don't be naive and trust that "it will not happen here".

I think I understand Joop's point, but I don't think his
proposed text is the solution.

We should separate two things clearly:
(a) Some sort of common goal.
    The charter could set out some necessarily broad
    principles which all members share (e.g. promoting
    individual members' participation and representation
    in the ICANN process). People who don't agree with
    this goal should go elsewhere, but this cannot be
    enforced formally. (Swearing allegiance? Party
    tribunals? No, we have to live with some degree of

(b) Ways of dealing with "deliberate sabotage".
    There have to be rules -- as objective as possible
    -- to deal with people disturbing the effort, e.g.
    by overposting, sending advertisements to lists,
    registering more than once etc. This has to be
    independent of the person's goals if we want it
    to be enforced equally.

So if you sign up -- whatever your motives are -- and 
don't respect the (b) rules, you go.

If you sign up and people doubt that you share (a), you
may have to answer some tough questions, but if you
respect the (b) rules, you stay.

Combining (a) and (b) is not a good idea.

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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