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[atlarge-discuss] Members' rights

For the Charter

Section Members' Rights


1. All paid-up members  have the right to nominate candidates for elective 
or appointive office.
2. All paid-up members  have the right to vote in all Polls and Elections.
3. All paid-up members  have the right to make motions and second motions 
in assemblies or committees.

4. (to promote participation)
Members who fail to vote in 3 subsequent Polls or Elections lose the right 
to make Motions.
Members who have not voted in 6 subsequent Polls are put on notice that 
they have to re-apply for the Voters' Roll.
5. (to promote member-support.)
Paid-up Members are members who are not more than 6 months behind on their 
membership dues.

Section Members' Duties


1. Members must support their organization.
1.a. Membership dues.
2. Members must not work against their organization.
2.a. Expulsion rules
3. (to promote diversity and participation)
Members who declare in writing to the membership committee that they are 
unable to meet the membership fee will have the same rights and duties as 
paid-up members.


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