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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Members' rights

Resoponding to Joop's ideas:

>1. All paid-up members  have the right to nominate candidates for elective
>or appointive office.
>2. All paid-up members  have the right to vote in all Polls and Elections.
>3. All paid-up members  have the right to make motions and second motions
>in assemblies or committees.

What's with "paid up?"  I personnaly have no issue with providing mosdestly
to this organization (since my employer is equally modest when paying me!).
However, I image there are others for whom payment of any kind would be a
great hardship.  I would hope that a small but significant percentage of our
membership will be comprised of those otherwise disadvantaged souls who
depend on public-access machines and free e-mail services for their sole
online presence (Eric's Vietnamese "dot.commers" as he calls them come to
mind!).  Maybe participation in some fashion in lieu of dues would be

>2. Members must not work against their organization.
>2.a. Expulsion rules

If we retain language such as this at all, it must be clearly stated to be
limited to overt acts, not speech.  Otherwise we fall into the same pit the
ALSC list did, where users were banned because management disagreed with
their message!

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
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