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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Members' rights

Joop Teernstra wrote:

>Sensitive people need only one such insult to be silenced for ever.
>It amounts to censorship-by-bullying.

Yes.  But they should undrstand the friostration that has grown in many of
us due to repeated dissapointments at the hand of ICANN.

>This is why so few East Asians post to these lists. They abhor  gratuitous
>confrontational behaviour.

I know.  But as we ask boisterous westerners to tone down their rhetoric
voluntarily, we must also ask those from less-confrontational societies to
step out of their comfort zone and stand up for their own points of view as

If I learned anything in my extensive travels, mostly in Asia, (and living
with my wife of 25 years, who I met in Thailand in 1975!) it is that each
culture has it diferences, and what we are doing is trying to build an
organization tolerant of *all* of them!  But we must remember that the
"organization" is really just each of us!  And for the *organization* to
embrace all its members, all its *members* have to move away from their safe
cultural centers -- whether it be verbose confrontation on one end or
silence on the other! -- and just simply talk to each other, and most
importantly, respect the right of everyone to have an opinion different than
our own!  That isn't to say we shouldn't disagree with each other's
opinions!  But we should disagree with the opinion, not the person
presenting it.

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
Support democratic control of the Internet!
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At 10:35 p.m. 28/05/2002 -0700, eric@hi-tek.com wrote:
>Do you want to take that back or define "Way out of bounds".
>TRs standards or Joe Babtistas'?

Good point. Especially the plural form: standards.

Example from the GA:
Sotiris get a warning for taking a single swipe at two notorious list
Then Joe Sims comes in and insults Michael Froomkin's  reputation.
No warning...even though there was a complaint to ga-abuse.

Sensitive people need only one such insult to be silenced for ever.
It amounts to censorship-by-bullying.

This is why so few East Asians post to these lists. They abhor  gratuitous
confrontational behaviour.


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