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RE: [atlarge-discuss] subscribers on discuss list

bambang soeprijanto wrote:

>I definitelly agree with Mr. David opinion, regarding
>list of the subscribers to be publicly declared,
>therefore each member (even as I am was the case, I am
>only a pasif member to listen and watch on going
>discussion, since I was a premature entry to this on
>going field of interest) can recognize  one was being
>acknowledge its position.

I also would like to see a list.  But more importantly, I would like to
forward the idea of a single "invitation" to all group registrants inviting
them to this forum.

On a side note, I for one would like to see more involvement from
non-westerners in this forum.  If we are going to truely be representative
of everyone, we need eveyone's thoughts!  Thank you for sharing yours!

>thank you

You're very welcome!  :)

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
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