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RE: [atlarge-discuss] subscribers on discuss list

Thomas Roessler wrote:

>Note, however, that this discussion is idle anyway: Checking the
>manual (which I admittedly didn't do before on this), one notes that
>ezmlm (the list management software used) just does not support the
>open "who" feature.  The subscribers' list is _at_ _most_ available
>to remote administrators (which is the case with this list), for
>privacy reasons.

Thanks for that explanation.  Many of our jobs are defined (plagued?!) by
software limitations!

>Working around this technical limitation is easy, since Vittorio and
>(if I recall this correctly) Izumi have remote administrator access
>to the list, so they can easily check the subscribers' list, and
>even make it available upon request.

And snce he's an elected panel member, Vittorio makes sense!  Thanks.

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
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