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Re: [atlarge-discuss] role of voting

I repeat the anxieties I have previously expressed, as to whether Thomas
is the right person to administer our lists, when he seems to me to have
partisanship and a certain degree of obstructive behaviour over the GA
on the re-bid. I'm not saying he isn't a person of principle (I've received
warm affirmations of him as a person) but he seems to me to be out of
sympathy with the majority view of people at the GA, and I just don't see
him as sufficiently hostile to ICANN's establishment. He doesn't want a
re-bid. He didn't really want the motion to go ahead at all. I honestly feel
that (taking personalities out of it) we would be better to "distance"
from ICANN. The Denise Michel initiative is a similar danger area : we
make efforts to set "clear water" between our organisation and those persons
or processes who seek to accommodate ICANN and keep it in power.

ICANN is discredited. Its leadership cannot be trusted. Our organisation
should focus instead on building a public membership so large and
that it has a far greater voice (and mailing-lists!) of its own - and calls
agenda, instead of reacting to ICANN's.

In all this, no offence is intended to Thomas. Rather, the expression of a
of view with which (no doubt) he may disagree. I do not impugn his
and I'm happy to believe the best in him, on the recommendations I've

It's not personal. It's the issue of independence and creating distance from
organisation which would like to subvert and engulf us.


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> On the GA list there is an often bitter debate over whether or not we can
> vote on particular measures, and if we pass those measures, are the votes
> important or unimportant, and what makes a particular vote "important.",
> does encouraging participation mean one is "ballot stuffing" and on and
> I would ask Thomas R, who is quite opinionated on these issues in his web
> log and on the GA list, what his views of this are for the at large.
>   Jamie

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