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Re: [atlarge-discuss] role of voting

Richard and all stakeholders of interested parties,

  I don't give a dam if Thomas is Partisan or not.  These and this list
should be under separate management regardless.  Again I would
suggest xlists.com or the ICANNATLARGE.COM to install
majordomo and host this list themselves...

Richard Henderson wrote:

> I repeat the anxieties I have previously expressed, as to whether Thomas
> is the right person to administer our lists, when he seems to me to have
> shown
> partisanship and a certain degree of obstructive behaviour over the GA
> motion
> on the re-bid. I'm not saying he isn't a person of principle (I've received
> some
> warm affirmations of him as a person) but he seems to me to be out of
> sympathy with the majority view of people at the GA, and I just don't see
> him as sufficiently hostile to ICANN's establishment. He doesn't want a
> re-bid. He didn't really want the motion to go ahead at all. I honestly feel
> that (taking personalities out of it) we would be better to "distance"
> ourselves
> from ICANN. The Denise Michel initiative is a similar danger area : we
> should
> make efforts to set "clear water" between our organisation and those persons
> or processes who seek to accommodate ICANN and keep it in power.
> ICANN is discredited. Its leadership cannot be trusted. Our organisation
> should focus instead on building a public membership so large and
> representative
> that it has a far greater voice (and mailing-lists!) of its own - and calls
> the
> agenda, instead of reacting to ICANN's.
> In all this, no offence is intended to Thomas. Rather, the expression of a
> point
> of view with which (no doubt) he may disagree. I do not impugn his
> character,
> and I'm happy to believe the best in him, on the recommendations I've
> received.
> It's not personal. It's the issue of independence and creating distance from
> the
> organisation which would like to subvert and engulf us.
> Richard
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> Subject: [atlarge-discuss] role of voting
> > On the GA list there is an often bitter debate over whether or not we can
> > vote on particular measures, and if we pass those measures, are the votes
> > important or unimportant, and what makes a particular vote "important.",
> or
> > does encouraging participation mean one is "ballot stuffing" and on and
> on.
> > I would ask Thomas R, who is quite opinionated on these issues in his web
> > log and on the GA list, what his views of this are for the at large.
> >
> >   Jamie
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