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[atlarge-discuss] icannatlarge.com participation in the ALOC

Dear members and list subscribers,

The icannatlarge.com panel has approved to have two of its members,
Satyajit Gupta and Sotiris Sotiropoulos, as official representatives
in the ALOC, with the following mandate.

a) Report to the panel what is being discussed inside the ALOC, and
discuss in advance with the panel the positions they will take inside
the Committee.

b) Obtain that, as a primary target, the ALOC works out in a
reasonable time a template of MoU to be established between ICANN and
the user organizations that aim to represent users inside ICANN,
meeting the following conditions:

- such MoU should allow these organizations to internally elect Board
members for ICANN, or however contribute in a real, significant and
powerful way to the process of selection of At Large Board members;

- such MoU should not put excessive burdens or constraints to the
individuals wishing to join the user organizations with the purpose of
being represented in ICANN, other than reasonable identity

- such MoU should not require that user organizations fund ICANN in
any way;

- such MoU should be exposed to public comment and then be adopted
officially by ICANN, that should offer to any organization meeting the
requirements the opportunity to sign it.
.oOo.oOo.oOo.oOo vb.
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