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RE: [atlarge-discuss] online voting

Micheal Sherrill wrote:

>We ultimately pay for the domain names and the salaries of those that
maintain them.  We should have a say in how the
>organization is structured.

You do.  It's called the DNSO.  If they are not addressing domain name owner
concerns, that is an issue for them to take up in *DNSO* forums.  The At
Large was intended from its beginnings as a forum for users, not domain
holders, and I'm reasonably sure the consensus of our membership agrees with
this concept today.  I agree with Michael that the domain name ownership
rule was the ALSC's attempt to created a new virtual "landed gentry" to
replace users in the At Large.  I rejected the idea  then, and will continue
to reject it!

You will note that I qualify as a domain name holder, since I *do* own
barelyadequate.info.  Not much of a stake, I grant you, but a stake none the
less, and at some point, when I feel this group has gained its rightful
place influencing Internet management on behalf of users -- I may get
involved in the DNSO-GA.  However, my focus in *this* forum is working to
gain full franchise for all Internet users in the management of the net.
Within that narrow scope -- speaking on behalf of and solely for
themselves! -- I gladly invite *everyone* to join our group.  Just leave
your outside constituencies and corporate politics at the door!  :)

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
Support democratic control of the Internet!
Go to http://www.icannatlarge.com and Join ICANN At Large!

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