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RE: [atlarge-discuss] subscribers on discuss list

> One strategic areas that we might push is to run an election for
> ICANN board
> members, using the existing at large voter role......at least this is
> something that would breath some life into the work done to register large
> numbers of votes before.   This was Danny Y.'s suggestion
> elsewhere.... and
> I thought a good one.
> Jamie

A similar proposal by Stephen Walters appeared on the ALSC list in early
March, but failed to attract sufficient interest to go forward. See the
"Best Practices" forum section - "Nine Seats Grass root challenge" at
Of course, things have changed since then and recent developments may have
aroused more interest, but I think we need to see evidence of that
somewhere, either on this list, or on that forum page, before we can say
whether or not it's a good idea to undertake At Large Director elections
independently through the Icannatlarge.com organization. If there are 90
subscribers to this list, let's have a few of those opinions for a start....

Do you want to run an election for ICANN Board Members?
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