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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Fw: Wolfgang, I think we should keep our distance from ICANN

Micheal Sherrill wrote:

>Do not get trapped by ICANN.  It is a spider in a web (no pun intended)
waiting to grasp all that
>seek to adventure forth.  Beware the web of deceit.  It is a vast  and
alluring web they weave.
>Once in their grasp they will stick their fangs into your good intentions
and suck all that is
>vital from your souls.  How many ways must I say this!

So, Michael, what do you *really* think about them?!  :)

I personally have little interest in deakling with ICANN's current
management.  As Michael points out, they have never played straight with us
in the past.  At this point, I consider all attempts on their part to
"organize" the At Large to be solely directed at derailing our efforts.

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